"Life is too short to waste on boring desserts."

Why won't Bangaloreans stop talking about Bite Me Cupcakes? Maybe because we bake 2-3 fresh batches, every, single day; Maybe because we make our cupcakes from all-natural ingredients, using our own 100% vegetarian recipes; Maybe because we make NOTHING other than cupcakes, which we craft in 10 to 12 flavours every day, all beautifully frosted with our light, creamy "Pearl Frosting" or rich creme cheese frosting.
But mainly ... mainly, because we take our cupcakes damn seriously.

“The best cupcakes in Bangalore. And for all the vegetarians - all their cupcakes are eggless! Every single cupcake is moist, soft, fluffy and just the right size with an extremely smooth frosting. If you feel like cupcakes, this is the place to go!“ - Mahitha on Zomato

100% Vegetarian
That's right - no eggs or gelatin in ANY of our cupcakes. Since all our cupcakes are vegetarian, they are great for gifting, as well as corporate events and giveaways!


We have worked with the largest companies in the world as well as with fast-growing startups to provide turnkey sweet pastry solutions. Our cupcakes have enabled higher retention, improved the bottomline, achieved world peace and increased brand awareness across the board. But ... if you're just looking to get cupcakes for an office celebration, we're down for that too :) All our cupcakes are 100% vegetarian, so that makes them great for corporate events and promos.

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